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“The 5th Wave” is a literary, not a socio-political magazine, but most of our publications in one way or another relate to war in Ukraine, the destruction of freedoms in Russian Federation, the current state of Russian culture, which belongs to anyone who speaks, reads, writes and thinks in Russian. “The 5th Wave” is perhaps the only Russian-language magazine of the current, fifth in a row over the last century, wave of emigration, published in printed form; a significant part of its materials is translated into English. We publish, however, not only emigrant authors, but also those who live in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

We are grateful for any financial aid, regardless of the amount of the donation. The names of those who donated more than 100 euros will, with their consent, be mentioned in subsequent issues of “The 5th Wave”. 


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Beneficiary: The 5th Wave
IBAN: LT33 3250 0358 3511 2122


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