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Uitgeverij Van Oorschot, The 5th Wave
Herengracht 613

1017 CE Amsterdam

Publisher and editor
Maxim Osipov

International Board
Otto Boele, Netherlands
Robert Chandler, UK

Boris Dralyuk, USA
Sergey Gandlevsky, Georgia
Yuly Gugolev, Russia
Kerstin Holm, Germany
Michel Krielaars, Netherlands

Andrey Bondarenko

Electronic version
Vladimir Kharitonov

Vasiliy Antipov



Prince Bernhard Cultuurfunds
Hans-Botho von Portatius,
 Jan Mojto, T. A. Helb

Zimin Foundation



The Culture Fund manages more than 450 culture funds. This allocation became possible in part thanks to the Ludo Pieters Guest Writers Fund.

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